Lane Startup Bootcamp

Tue 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
6 sessions ending Tue, Mar 1
Topic: Start-up Assistance

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Lane Startup Bootcamp

Get your business idea off the ground!

Learn new skills and boost your business in this 12-hour course led by the team at Lane Small Business Development Center.

In this class you will complete your own Clarity Framework and clarify these essential concepts…

  • Your Business Idea – What problem will you solve, how will you solve it and in what unique way?
  • Your Business Goals – How will you measure success?
  • Proof of Feasibility – How much will you need to produce and sell in order to accomplish your goals?
  • Proof of Demand – What is the verifiable demand for your idea?
  • Business Model – How is your business structured and with what strategic advantages?
  • Marketing Strategy – How will you generate awareness and drive sales?
  • Action Plan – By when do you plan to accomplish what?

As you progress through this course you will put business fundamentals into action and assemble a powerful strategy to help your business succeed!

FREE to Lane County residents | 6 Sessions | Tuesday evenings from 6-8 pm

Fee: No Cost