Small Business Management program 2022

Wed 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM
9 sessions ending Wed, Dec 7
Topic: Managing a Business

The SBM program is a one-on-one business advising/coaching program combined with a monthly workshop to help business owners and managers take their business to the next level. It’s a yearlong commitment geared toward business owners who see the importance of working on the business not just in it. Many businesses that participate in year one will go on to the second year program. The program helps business owners identify the key issues that will help move them towards achieving their vision. Most small business owners don’t have a lot of formal training in business but yet they have to manage all areas of running their business from planning, marketing and sales, product and service delivery, finance and accounting, and human resource management. Through the SBM program business owners expand their knowledge in these areas, learn to assess their strengths and weaknesses, and to develop a sound business action plan that helps to take them to the next level, thereby building a well-functioning business. The program is open to a limited number of companies with at least one year of operation and one full-time employee. The SBM program begins anew each calendar year and instructor approval is required prior to registration. Call us at 541-383-7290 or email for more details!

Speaker(s): Jim Wilcox

Fee per company is $999. Extra attendees from same business may register for $199 each. Significant discounts are available in 2022 thanks to expanded CARES Act & ARPA education funds

Fee: $ 999.00