Preparing for the CCB Exam

Fri 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
2 sessions ending Sat, Sep 11
Topic: Start-up Assistance

Winter 2021—DUE TO COVID THESE CLASSES WILL BE PRESENTED USING ZOOM. This Construction Contractors Board (CCB) class will provide the following information: Lesson 1: Business Structure, Business Finance, Business Taxes Lesson 2: Bids & Estimates, Contracts, Project Management, Lien Law Lesson 3: Oregon Code, Safety, Environmental Issues, Building Envelope Lesson 4: Oregon Construction Law, Employees, Subcontractors How it works: After each Lesson an exam will be given on the topics presented. The exam is timed and is not an open book test. The passage percentage for each exam is 70% or above. If you do not pass all the exams you will need to retake the ones you missed. There is a $50.00 fee for each time you need to retake an exam. You will need to contact: Kathy Nishimoto, – (503) 594-0738, Manual is not included. REQUIREMENTS FOR THIS CLASS: 1. COMPUTER WITH CAMERA OR A LAPTOP WITH CAMERA (CANNOT USE PHONE) 2. HIGH SPEED INTERNET 3. BE ABLE TO USE “ZOOM” Attend a 1 hour zoom meeting to go over requirements for class THE CCB EXAM IS INCLUDED IN THIS PROGRAM!!! Registration ends on September 1, 2021

Speaker(s): Kathleen Lansing and Kathy Nishimoto

Fee: $ 450.00

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