Recordkeeping and Estimating ZOOM

Sat 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Topic: Start-up Assistance

Successful contractors learn very quickly that it's more than just being a craftsman in the areas they have experience. The mark of a thriving business is an owner that has a good understanding of the mechanics of their business and has the ability to shift and quickly respond to the changes in the market. This requires an owner with a solid foundation in business processes, recordkeeping and the ability to develop estimates contact Kathy Nishimoto at during office hours! This class prepares the new business to move forward more confidently and avoid many of the mistakes that are common at this stage of the business. This training is also accompanied by 1:1 coaching through the SBDC to provide valuable insights into the specifics of your business. Topics covered include: Documents required by CCB you must retain and have signed Learn how owners are paid in their business Navigate the basics of bookkeeping Entering Revenues (including how to handle customer pre-payments) Entering Cost of Goods Sold Entering General and Administrative Expenses Assets, Liabilities & Equity Taxes for the self-employed Job Costing Subcontractors Marketing Materials & Review Estimating Basics Estimating Tools Estimating The Art & Science Free SBDC 1:1 Coaching - Get started now! THIS IS A BILINGUAL CLASS. ONE OTHER PERSON CAN ATTEND FOR FREE - ONE SET OF MATERIALS PERSON REGISTRATION.

Speaker(s): Diana Tourney

Fee: $ 225.00

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