So You Think You're Ready to Hire

On Demand
Until Mar 31
Topic: Managing Employees

The business decision to hire an employee is a big step.

This workshop will provide participants with guidelines to help determine the right time to add employees while demystifying the various employment types and outlining compliance requirements, so you can make the right decision for your business. The Clatsop SBDC and Blue Mountain SBDC are co-hosting this workshop.

Participants may expect to take from this course information on:

  • Identifying the right time to start hiring
  • Understanding the various employment types such as:
  • Independent Contractor
  • Intern
  • Temporary through an agency
  • Temporary direct hire
  • Part-time direct hire
  • Full-time direct hire
  • Understanding expectations and responsibilities with the addition of employees, including HR policies and payroll reporting
  • Ways to help you hire wisely
  • Ways to help you develop a strategic hiring plan

Speaker(s): Christine Frazer, HR Strategist Christine Frazer is a human resources strategist, author, public speaker, and consultant. Breaking down the barriers of human resources has become Christine’s mission. She isn’t afraid to have the hard conversations, engage in taboo topics, say it as it is when talking with her clients, or speak in front of crowds. Her unique approach to HR, people, and use of humor to convey complicated concepts in a digestible way is what has kept her in this intense career for over three decades.

Fee: No Cost