QuickBooks Bootcamp 2:Managing Business Transactions

Tue 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM
2 sessions ending Thu, Dec 2
Topic: Business Accounting and Budget

To register copy and paste this link into your browser,https://learn.mhcc.edu/modules/shop/index.html?action=section&OfferingID=94&SectionID=4394

This class covers the desktop version of QuickBooks. Working with real-life customer, vendor and banking transactions, you will use QB accounting software to process money coming into and going out of a business. In these classes, you will be able to work hands on in a sample company data file. Business accounting tips for using QB are infused throughout the training. Learning Outcomes: 1. Post to the software and manage: a. Customer invoices, payments, deposits b. Vendor bills and payments 2. Create financial and other reports to see how your business is performing 3. Reconcile your data to outside documents

Speaker(s): Nekol Pyle

To register copy and paste this link into your browser, https://learn.mhcc.edu/modules/shop/index.html?action=section&OfferingID=94&SectionID=4394 You can also register by going to learn.mhcc.edu, Click on the Small Business catalog, now click on the Bookkeeping & QuickBooks catalog, click on the green course number link and choose the date of the class you want, continue checking out. Please call if you have any questions or having any trouble getting registered. 503-491-7658 or email gerri.raisanen@mhcc.edu.

Fee: $ 180.00